Surprising Stories


 September 2014

Editor: John Thiel

Production: Eric Thiel

Art editor: Ramos Fumes

Robot: Bobo

Server: surprisingstories dot thiels dot us

Photocover art by John Thiel

“I learned the world was a different place when I was born.” -T.Lobsang Rampa

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Scavenger, by Denny Marshall   Art by Patrick Ijima-Washburn

     Ever feel like you were alone in space?

Virtual, by Ernest Swallow   Photoart by John Thiel

      Put this up against life, see which is better.

Thy Kingdom Come, by Douglas A. Smith   art by Denny Marshall

      As well it might.

Imagination For Sale  by Varda One  art by Ramos Fumes

     Damme, where are they bought? I need one for the blurbs.

Desire A Harlot by   David Huberman  Art by Patrick Ijima-Washburn

    To desire one is to have one.

Life After Death: Houdini’s Proof   by Mel Waldman   Art by Bob Veon

     You can’t escape the reaper.

Pooky Saves the World…Again   by Daniel Slaten

     A fellow with a name like that couldn’t save the

The Pagans of Loris   by   Charles H. Newton  art by Ramos Fumes

     They were a strange set…but set to go.

Divine Judgment   by    Behrend ter Borg  art by Ramos Fumes

     Whichever way you spell it, you want it to be for the best.

Rohan’s Last Run   by Daniel Goss  art by John Thiel

     A pathetic tale, and poignant

Author  by  Benjamin Corbett  art by Maxine Colby

     There’s a lot of incentive to cry out for the author.

January by   David G. Harris  art by Ramos Fumes

      It’s when our next issue comes out.

Crystal Twang  by  David E. Johnson  art by John Thiel
   This planet had a pungent atmosphere.

Sacrament in Space   by Anne Valley  Art by Peter Zenger

      The Heavenly Empire must expand.

Faith is My Talisman   By Walter Zimmerle  art by La Joilette

       He keeps his charm.




Twentieth Century Foxhole   by  Robin Bright

     A tolerable foray



Rambling To Tomorrow  by   Marian Powell

The Off-Center Viewpoint   by   Joe Napolitano

The Spaced-Out Library   by   Elmwood Kraemer




Exploralloons   by   Gary Every

Whispers From Atlantis  by  Lloyd Michael Lohr

Sea of Europa   by   Joanne Tolson

Beelzy   by   Keith  Allen Daniels

Apocalyptic Fumblings   by   Lloyd Michael Lohr

Sphere Computer Iradius   by  Darrin Kidd

Orbital Dreams   by  Kendall Evans

Tandem Timestreams  by  Jim Dunlap

Supernova Blues   by  Don  Meyerowitz

Parthenogenesis   by  Patricia Glenn

Cosmic Doom Blues   by  Don Meyerowitz

Alien Dreams   by    Joanne Tolson

Under Harvest Luna    by   Sean McCormack

Black Hole   by Keith Allen Daniels

HEAVISIDE  By Keith Allen Daniels

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