Surprising Stories


January 2015

Editor: John Thiel

Production: Eric Thiel

Art Editor: Ramos Fumes

Format: Bobo

cover art by Ramos Fumes

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In a Different Mode by Steve Sneyd  art by Ramos Fumes

Short tales of an unusual make

Epics of the Modern Days by Zenia Torres art by John Thiel

Oddities in life

Stranded Worlds by Jean-Paul Ferro art by Maxine Colby

There they were, strangers in a strange land

Passing On by Bryon Nyary art by La Joilette

It might not even be a way to go

The King of Trumpeters by Lawrence Dagstine art by Bob Veon

Mary and Joseph find transportation to taxation

Damned Tears by Brian McCrady art by Lars Etn

Weep for these people

Gray Dogs On the Beach by  David B. Riley art by Denny Marshall

K-9 Reporting his tour of duty

Trauma by  Kevin Nowak  art by Patrick Ijima-Washburn

No spoilers here.

Freq-Jammer by Rex De Paola  art by Kim Speer

A jammer likes to jam.

Visitor From the North by  Bonnie P. Newton art by Patrick Ijima-Washburn

Things are so often not all well for royalty

The Encounter by David Weakley  art by Esmiralda

Youngsters’ transgressions transformed by horror

Darkness by  T.C. Guy art by Esmiralda

It was the kind of darkness that ate into you

Little Green Men by  Michael Scott  art by Denny Marshall

Real or not, one wishes they would go away.

Stranded  by  Kay Fortunato  art by Richard Dahlstrom

Don’t get caught out in the country.

Alone Again by  Kevin Lenihan art by La Joilette


Sadness or Ecstasy by Richard Zimler  art by Ramos Fumes

Neither of them is to be what it claims.

The Last Time I Saw Alicia by  Harry Lime art by Esmiralda

Just a little like Bridey Murphy

A Witch on Webster Street  by  Dawn Zapletal art by Ramos Fumes

“Shall I pity or hate the lonely hag?”

Enzigam the Mad Inventor by  Jim Dunlap  art by Lars Etn

You never knew where he’d go or what he’d do

The Merry-Go-Round Masquerade by  Matthew Senkowski art by Kim Speer

Things rarely look bright in Autopia.


Fantasy Music in the Modern Culture

Ra Boats, Rowboats and Robots: A Study of Data's Significance by Robin Bright


The Computer Corner

Printout - Letters from Fans


The Off-Center Viewpoint by Joe Napolitano

Rambling to Tomorrow by  Marian Powell

The Spaced-Out Library by  Elmwood Kraemer




Danse Macabre  by Prologue

Beginning the Dream With Its Expression by Steve Sneyd

In A Leap Time Escapes by Nathan Whiting

Thunderstorm by Douglas Smith

Manhattanhenge by Holli Hottwatt

Tyrra’s Eyes by John Polselli

Tara’s Heart  by Kim L. Neidigh

The Amazing Colossal Man Meets The Fifty Foot Woman by Prologue and Holli Hottwatt

Dancing at Different Speeds by Karl

The Martians Arrived Five Billion Years Ago by Mel Waldman

Thinning Out the Herd  by Gerald F. Heyder

Things Unseen by Daniel Slaten

Art Show About Nothing by Ron Emolo

Death Be Not Proud  by Gerald F. Heyder

Poetry is Silence Shutting Up by Ron Emolo

Spot On High  by Neal Wilgus

Octopus  by Douglas Smith

In Light of Our Belief  by Will Mayo

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