Surprising Stories

May 2015, #38

Editor: John Thiel

Production: Eric Thiel

Art Editor: Ramos Fumes

Maintenance: Bobo the Robot

Presentation: The Doll

Backing: USMC

Cover art by Belle Hinnefeld

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“When you have nothing better to do, create something.” Alan Watts




Friday and Her Unicorn by Daniel  J. Slaten

Here was a form of rescue     art by Bob Veon

The Copy Machine from Hell  by Bryan Nyary

Some call modern machines “infernal”…  art by Denny Marshall

Doing Time by Rex DePaola

All ask the time; none does anything with it    art by Patrick  Ijima-Washburn

Homecoming  by Victor Bobb

He didn’t have to go far    art by Bart Verburg

On the Run by K.A. Williams

You can’t get away when where you’re going is there  art by Esmiralda

Banshee at the Controls by Maurice Luckett

No one knows if they’re coming or going in space   art by Darrin Kidd

Traveler Crossing Paradise  by Moss

It’s what you make it, if it doesn’t make you   art by Maxine Colby

Invasion by William Rose

He didn’t know his apse from a hole in space   art by Darrin Kidd

The Time of the Khan by Don Stockard

Those who change history are doomed anyway  art by Maxine Colby

Beast from the Mermaid’s Cavern by Matthew Senkowski

There’s a lot to be cleaned up    art by Ramos Fumes

Cultivation by Jon C. Picciuolo

Look out for those who would destroy Earth  art by JThiel

Rational by Lorin Emery

It doesn’t match up with what there is   art by Ramos Fumes

Newlaw by David Hundley

It show is a change   art by JThiel

PPP (Psychiatry/Personal/Political) by Tam O’Dwyer

Don’t try it on, don it   art by Ramos Fumes

The Guest by Ed Graener

Were these the perfect hosts?  Art by Maxine Colby

Gremlins by T.C. Guy

Don’t look for little green men   art by Esmiralda



Ra Boats, Rowboats and Robots: a Study of Data’s Significance—Part Two    by  Robin Bright


Science Fiction Conventions Over the Years (photos)


Rambling To Tomorrow by Marian Powell

The Spaced-Out Library books by Elmwood Kraemer



Ad Hoc


What Will tomorrow bring?  by Jim Dunlap

Clockwork rhino  by Steve Sneyd

Opposite of thing  by Jonathan Levant

The wars of the ruins  by Jonathan Levant

Four seasons of methane-eating bacteria  by Dan Pearl

Plant lab growth, midnight  by Dan Pearl

Rain bubblepiece bow  by Joy Oestreicher

Ancient visitors  by John Grey

Making an impact  by John Grey

Where the blacktop expanse collapsed  by Jim Dewitt

Only for a day  by Gary W. Anderson

Sun table  by Christian Amsler

The landing  by Lorraine Donfor

Live for the night  by John Hulse

Face in the sky  by Paul Acosta

Intuition  by John Hulse

The new martians  by Jim Dunlap

Dart  by William Nesbit

Drift  by William Nesbit

From the nth plane  by Danny Weiss

Thoughts after a walk in autumn  by Danny Weiss

Manifest destiny  by Jim Dunlap

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