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Ready yourself for our May issue, which contains such stories as may have you setting aside other things for their consideration. We have “Faith is My Talisman” by Walter Zimmerle, which will have you wondering, “The Transition Phase” by Ian MacMillan (always a dangerous thing), “Stalemate” by Tim Scott, which will leave you stuck, “Ali Dabber and the Genii” by Charles Newton, which shows that magic can be ridiculous, “The Posterity Petition” by Varda One, which looks to new generations, “Dinosaur Village” by L.M. Parisi, which is out in front of all other dinosaur stories, “Gift From the Stars” by T. Everett Cobb, which has variations on a popular theme which is old but new, “Angel of Death” by Amanda Crum, and “A Whisper of Faith” by Michael S. Bardill, these last two have piety.
That’s just some of what you’ll find in our next forthcoming issue.

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