Surprising Stories
January 2017    Number 43

Edited by John Thiel
Published by Eric Thiel
Server: Comcast

With obeisance to Ghu, Roscoe, and Jar, and acknowledgement of 9th Fandom

“Do as we do and then proceed into the century.”—Fost Lebr

Cover art by Ramos Fumes, “Spaced Out”

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Traveler by Matt Rohn    a strange archaeologist
The Turing Affair: An Emulation by Michael Hultquist   copy that?
The Bonds of Hypnos by J.Thomas Dalby  slaves of sleep?
Phantom Plagiarism by Sharon Anderson     to write or not to
VOID SHADOW by Keith Peterson    a view from Far Out
PES by Adam Selzer   Is public education a failure?
The Gamesters’ Wagers by Aleyna K. Pleva    7 come 11 out of the sky
The Pink Squad by Matthew Senkowski   another view of Autopia
Tabdir’s Chalk Drawing by Cliff Dossey    writing on the wall
The Mirror by Chris Carlucci  look and then do some reflecting
The Performer by Vera Searles   common job, uncommon man
And What Shall It Profit a Man? by George Smith   is life worth it?



The End of All Things   review by John Kosmic



MAP II: Deus Ex Machina by Robin Bright



The Spaced Out Library reviews by editor
Rambling to Tomorrow   by Marian Powell
Yesterday's Tomorrows   by Martin Lock
Fanac   science fiction fan activity
Printout    letters from readers

Ad Hoc    science fiction advertising



Marionette   by  Roxanne Burns
The Magician  by  Nancy Coffey
Time With Myself  by  Krystal K. L. Shaffer
Twelve Great Gates  by  Steve Sneyd
A Shade of Green  by  Nancy Coffey
The Manatu  by  Roxanne Burns
All Bridges Aren’t In Brooklyn  by  Jim Dunlap
As It Will Be Written  by  Steve Sneyd
Kardashev’s Moon  by  Steve Sneyd
The Sorcerer  by  Nancy Coffey
Haunted Moon  by  Krystal K.L. Shaffer
The Knight  by  Nancy Coffey
Mythiel  by  L.A. Hood
Blue Nocturne  by  Sean McCormack
Theories of Everything  by  Lee Anne Grundish
Time Travel  by  Gary Every
Prepared to Face any Tribunal  by  Steve Sneyd
Again  by  Jamie Cavenaugh
Algebra  by  Robert R. Ward
Particle Acceleration  by  Peter Forster
Mist of Enchantment  by  Terry Spradlin

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