Doings in science fiction fandom

     The year just past has seen some changes for the better in internet science fiction fandom. There has been an increase of science fiction activity at Facebook, where numerous professional science fiction writers and artists have been showing up. Those possessing Facebook access can find activity happening at SF FANDOM, FANHISTORY, FANEDS, FAANEDS, SOCIETY FOR THE PERPETUATION OF SF FANDOM, NATIONAL FANTASY FAN FEDERATION, FAPA, ANALOG, ASIMOV’S, F&SF APPRECIATION SOCIETY, and others. The name magazine pages have many of the sf authors visiting and commenting, and Sheila Williams is at the Asimov’s page; members of the F&SF Appreciation Society include Gordon Van Gelder and Charles Coleman Finlay, both editors of the magazine.

     The National Fantasy Fan Federation is becoming more active due to the administrative abilities of their President, George Phillies, who is actively getting order about the place and has re-established the Fan-Pro Coordinating Bureau under my own (John Thiel) direction; the bureau’s publication IONISPHERE (misspelling intentional and significant)has had interviews with two authors in its two issues so far produced, Adam-Troy Castro and Paul Levinson. The recruiting department has been speeded up (see the N3F advertisement in AD HOC in this issue; they are also planning to insert small advertisements in Analog, Asimov’s and Fantasy and Science Fiction) and active members are getting new positions. TIGHTBEAM, the N3F letters fanzine, was brought back from a year’s absence with Bob Jennings as new editor; both Tightbeam and TNFF are posted at efanzines, and a new fiction and poetry zine done by members is proposed and in the making. FAPA is taking steps to augment its diminishing membership; give heed to that and visit the Fapa page on Facebook if you are interested in doing a small amount of fan-editing; you might like to be a member yourself. EAPA is also recruiting new members.  Feel like doing something more than sitting on the sidelines? These groups will give you something to do.

     The efanzines site is also a center of science fiction activity. It’s a Yahoo site, and may be located at .  They display a lot of the current fanzines and also have special fan project items from time to time.

     But the continuation of the increase of science fiction activity may depend on you.  Look around and take advantage of some of the opportunities for fan activity. It can make life much more interesting for those who get involved in it.