by L.A, Hood

Upon a lea of long ago
in an aeon of ebony night,
beneath the boughs of a silver beach
was born the beginning of light.
A sapling shining as it grew
that drew the hosts of the Void
assailing the seed of a dawning day
they must newly be destroyed.
Evil incarnate closed upon
The rising reed of day
knowing night would surrender all
if the sapling were to stay.
Of the host there none could stand
against its piercing light
until the master of midnight came
to blot out all but night.
He moved in all malevolence
toward the sylphine shoot
laying his grasp around the bole
raping the land of root.
Two blooms branched from the treetop
one gold and one silver flower
burning the miscreant’s hands from
essence filled with piercing power.
Ripping these from silver limbs
he cast them in the Void.
Then shredding limbs in pieces
slung them to the dark, annoyed.
But before long they touched ground
and there blew a zephyr wind
that sailed the splinters on the night
and all was dark again.
At first the fiend of midnight laughed
as blackness claimed the night.
But then the eyes of evil cringed
from pale illumined light.
And that light spread across the world
as evil realized
the splinters of the silver beech
reflected from the skies.
Then the Void cast from her bowls
the gold, then the silver flower
that rose o’er plains of darkness
wading in rippling power.
The night-host fled, the master fell
into the pit of night;

Surrendering then half his realm
for gold and silver light.