Particle Acceleration

by Peter Forster

It is in the air
The dust
The particles
So small
You need to trust
What you cannot see.
They are out there
A construct of elements
Molecules and atoms
Revolving together
And when unstable
They evolve, dissolve
Even solid objects
Are in a state of flux.

What is this void
When even a cloudless sky
Is heavy with life.
It is too complex
To conceive of such
As reciprocity.
We are nothing
But an amalgam
Of all things past
And in essence
We are a future
Yet to be.
What is this
Before me
A bird a rock a tree
Or just another
Of the force
That flows through me
Is all we see
The result of alchemy.
Sun-dried blood
Powdered bone
A base metal
The Philosopher Stone
Never fully trapped
Just wanting to be free
And changed
Particles rearranged
Into something
Quite unique
That will continue
Its enduring
From the end
Unto the beginning
Of all
The works in Creation.