A Shade of Green

by Nancy Coffey

Inside the night, a vision most obscene
Appeared, his eyes the strangest shade of green
A mist of horror crept under the door
While this dread creature I did stand before.
Dark velvet robes brushed lightly on the floor,
Impressive were the golden chains he wore.
His silken shirt, his brightly polished shoes
Magnificent, the wand that he would use.
Mindless of me he seemed, and slowly took
From deep inside his cape an ancient book.
The words he spoke were foreign to my ears,
While I stood paralyzed with all my fears.
Then suddenly I woke with such a start
It took some time to still my racing heart.
It was a dream, I thought with some relief
Only a nightmare that had brought such grief.
I wet a cloth and placed it on my head,
Returning to the comfort of my bed.
When from a darkened corner, by a chair
Two most peculiar eyes of green did stare.