Theories of Everything

by Lee Anne Grundish

Universe assumes a myriad of microscopic forms

deeper. Down into.
Apparent simplicity. Swirling. Swarming.
Ifinitesimal. Intricate. Minute.

At the bottom of the vortex, dropping
through the floor. Pulled into

For access to the door, you
first must fully comprehend.
Internalize. Embrace
this single fragile moment given into
your hands.

Infinity. Of a larger hall of mirrors
reflecting mirrors reflecting mirrors and mirrors.

Planets cold. Foreign. Distant. Singular.

Energy pulsates between. The energy that is us.
And everything. The One in many. The multitude.
Contained. Warm. Inclusion. ALL.

Energy is the reflection. And the mirror.

Voided energy, chaos. Fear. Walls slammed
across the door

to knowing more.