Surprising Stories 44 May 2017
Edited by John Thiel
Compositor: Eric Thiel   Server: Comcast
cover by La Joilette shows “Spaceways”
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published thrice yearly in January, May and September
“We ha’ righteous blood w’in us and sail to meet the day.”



Stalemate by Tim Scott  with a little bit of luck we can achieve
Cicero’s Catapult by Matthew Senkowski  latest from Autopia
The Posterity Petition by Varda One   doings in Abasia
It’s All In the Chip by Lawrence Dagstine  a search for identity
The Ruler by Frances Taira not always a desirable type to have around
Transition Phase by T. Everett Cobb  a hard time and then some
Gift From the Stars by T. Everett Cobb another identity problem
The New Humans by Gerd. Maximovic  better than the old?
A Whisper of Faith by Michael S. Bardill   all that’s needed
Gavin’s Adventures in Space & Time by Daniel Slaten ok!
Author by  Benjamin Corbett   someone’s calling….
Rust by Frank McAlpin   corrosives under examination
Faith Is My Talisman by Walter Zimmerle  handy  to have
Ali Dabber and the Genii by Charles Newton  Kriska!
Angel of Death by Amanda Crum  all in the environment

The Colour Out of Space reviewed by John Cosmic

The Computer Corner—Joanne Tolson

Vallhalla For Starters by Robin Bright


The Spaced-Out Library—editor
Yesterday’s Tomorrows by Martin Lock
The Off-Center Viewpoint by Joe Napolitano
The Traders Horn—ads


To Awaken the Machine by John M. Kopet
Past WhoWhomStar by Steve Sneyd
Middle Science by Peter Layton
A Short Game At Night by Romy Shinn
Eclipse of the Sun by  Joanne Tolson
Eclipse of the Moon by  Joanne Tolson
Beguiled by Michael Fantina
Dark-Cloaked Mages of Old by Michael Dennis
Superluminations by Craig Cortright
Some Other by Tenille McElrath
O Captain My Captain by Jamie Cavanagh
A Tale of Two Idiots by W. Gregory Stewart
Minnie by Daniel Green
The House of Night by David C. Bryan
Seeds of Empire by  Jim Dunlap

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