Your letters…yes it is….letters from readers. If we get any.

Only one letter  to show this issue, a comment on the views of Robin Bright, by JOHN PURCELL:

I am no Biblical expert—thanks to Sunday School (I was born and raised Irish Roman Catholic until the age of nine) and a couple “read the Bible in a year” pamphlet guides, I have actually read both Old and New Testaments three times—to the depth that Dr. Bright is, so my understanding of the “futanarian woman” and Biblical history is sketchy at best. Still, I think Robin Bright’s interpretation is interesting reading. I rarely read SF or any kind of literature for deep philosophical insights, but if they are present in the story and I have the necessary background to make these connections, then I will have that “Ah Ha!” moment. I have no idea if Heinlein deliberately wrote STARSHIP TROOPERS with these thoughts in mind. Some of his late in life works, like I WILL FEAR NO EVIL, TIME ENOUGH FOR LOVE, or THE CAT WHO WALKS THROUGH WALLS, yeah, it’s obvious what’s on Heinlein’s mind. I think RAH became much more introspective and metaphysical in the 1970s and 1980s. It may have started in the early sixties, but I doubt it. I think he has more Cold War influences than anything else when he wrote Starship Troopers and other fiction in the 1950s.

     Bright finds this in all sorts of places, not just in the writings of Heinlein. As Heinlein is no longer with us, I see no way of ever checking out what his reaction to this interpretation of his writings may have been, but I think he probably would have found Bright’s reviews of his works controversial.

     Bright has also done an analysis of Star Trek episodes in his terms, in previous issues of Surprising Stories.

     He’s been turning up in many fanzines lately.