Dark-Cloaked mages of old

By Michael Dennis

Image: Dragon Age: Origins (Awakening Expansion Pack)

Dark-cloaked mages of old
Cradle me in your arms.
Dry away my tears; protect
Me with your magic and charms.
Teach me to explore in silence
Your hidden realms unknown to man.
Lead me to the island where
Life and Death hold hands.
No one perishes in your realms
No  heartaches upon your shores.
Light permeates your crystal caverns
How I long to see them once more.
Escort me to the chamber where
The future and past embrace
For memories do not linger
When the present takes their place.
Dark-cloaked mages of old
Impart your wisdom to me.
I am now ready to journey where
Experience wants me to be.
I took one step and slowly walked
Away from the world of men
To join the dark-cloaked mages
Never to leave them again.