Faith is my talisman

art by Esmiralda

By Walter Zimmerle

He needs luck.



      Mystical enchantress, why have you forsaken me? Why have you designated me to suffer the afflictions of your lurid incantations?

     My lover, my mentor, my fearless companion guiding me across the perilous perimeters  of inner and outer darkness…why have you forsaken me?

     Our intimate rapture of euphoric oneness is now reduced to a lissome haze of trips delusion, while the unrelenting worm of our tainted liaison has escalated into spiritual warfare!

     O nocturnal mystagogue,

     How naively was I enveloped by your mendacious doctrine of vainglory.

     How seductively was I beguiled by the Judas smile engraved in your heinous mask of pestilence.

     Still I hail thee! I must profess, you are undoubtedly my most predominant adversary!

     You are an eminent priestess in hierarchy of the “privy thirteen”!

     Your strength and wisdom excel infinitely beyond the tangible limitations of mortality’s lucid comprehension.

     And I? I am but a novice apprentice engulfed within the colossal magnetism of your aura’s fringe. Only a fool would entertain thoughts of prevailing against you!

     But beware! O pernicious bitch of darkness! For I have stumbled upon a most unique talisman. A talisman emitting an impermeable shield designed to withstand the malicious perpetuity of your lewd demeanor.

     I am quickened, I am vigorous! I have resurrected my demising faith! Yes, O wicked transgressor, FAITH IS MY TALISMAN! I have quenched my fears. I have made my peace. I have found sanctuary, deep in the heart of my own soul.