The Off Center View Point

By Joe Napolitano

The Magical Mysteries of Government


   The decisions made by the government are unknown to most people because of the place where they are made. There are only a few people in attendance and usually they're just bureaucrats and no detailed records are kept. And then the people who are there only know something about their part of the government even if they are the decision makers. Usually they know very little or nothing about some other part. This is easily proven by listening to what they say or watching what they do. The result of all these decisions and or operations seems to be based on ignorance. But is there anybody who knows or who understands all of the government?

     The answer is no. True, the voters elect politicians to run the government. But judging by the actions they take or the things they say it would seem to be the case they don't know much about it. So who's running the government, a bunch of ignoramuses? And yet despite that the government gets things done but how is the real question. It's anybody's guess. But I suspect there are a few clues.

     Because no one person is capable of understanding and running the whole thing it must be the case the government is mechanized. In the good ole days, assuming there ever was such a time, they had simple machines to do the job but today they use computers and robots among other things. But let's put the robots and the computers aside for now.

     You might be wondering how a simple machine could rule the people. As it turns out the government still uses plenty of simple machines to control the people. Consider a stop sign: When you are driving and you come to an intersection with a stop sign what do you do? You put your foot on the brake and stop. Thus the government--without using any "high tech" has changed your behavior. And, of course, there are many other examples of the government using simple machines to change the behavior of the people. So maybe the decisions and or the operations of the government aren't so mysterious and or magical after all? Well, maybe but a lot of what it does is still magical otherwise how would you explain a simple machine like a stop sign controlling people? Maybe the drivers are brain washed? But if so who did that and when did it happen?

    But now let's consider more complex decisions. For example, how does the government decide who gets to be a billionaire? You might think the government doesn't decide such things? But are you sure about that? And yet one thing is for certain, if the government doesn't want you to be a billionaire you aren't going to be one.

    All this begs the question why are some people made super rich and others wind up homeless or living in a hovel? Many fans these days are having financial problems and can't even pay their taxes therefore the question is relevant. So the question is by what magic does is the decision made and how is that done? In fact no one knows nor is the information available anywhere including on the Internet. So it must be a well-guarded secret otherwise everybody would know the abracadabra.

    Despite many studies done on the subject in an attempt to discover the magic incantations no one has revealed what they might be assuming they ever found out. In fact it seems the more scientists study the government the less they know about it. Thus another study must be done, something like Ponce Deleon's endless quest to find the Fountain of Youth.

   In the meantime the government keeps rolling along turning out a few billionaires and a whole lot of poor people. But since no one is complaining and almost everybody seems to be ignorant maybe that explains in part why the magic works? So if there's anyone out there who thinks they know let me know and or write to PL.