The Posterity Petition

Art by Peter Zenger
What passes from generation to generation?

    Dear Earthlings,

     We, the unborn of the future, have been observing your planet with great concern. We have made plans to reincarnate in centuries to come--however, with the dangers of nuclear war, ecocide, and genetic engineering, we fear we will not have the opportunity to enjoy life on your beautiful Earth as you have.

     Personally, we are astounded that you could even consider tossing away your survival considering how many eons it took for you to evolve to this point. How could anyone, seeing the grace of an athlete or hearing the melodies of a genius, destroy such loveliness? Our psychologists tell us that you have fallen under a deep spell which you call “progress” by which you unqualifiedly accept every technological innovation. We are hoping that our petition, being unprecedented, will shock you awake.

     Perhaps you on Earth do not realize just how rare human life is in the universe. Only very few solar systems contain the necessary atmospheric conditions to sustain your species. Our leading astronomers have located only two other such planets after researching trillions of stars. Thus, we who had hoped to be your posterity, have very few chances to evolve as you have. Because we have been looking forward to our returns for centuries, even millennia, we have many useful ideas for human happiness and planetary harmony, if only we are given a chance for rebirth.

     You cannot imagine the wonders in store for your race when human beings are finally freed from being wage slaves and allowed to develop fully. That is the time we have been waiting for and that is why we delayed our entrance. But, if you close the play, we will never have another chance to act in the drama of human life.

     Please reconsider your suicidal policies.

                                                                             [Signed] The Unborn Future