Beneath the glint of Saturn’s rings
A large moon swings in shining haste
Like godling to a goddess clings
Its face a pock-marked, blasted waste.
Twilight on Saturn’s largest moon
Throws crystal rainbows all around.
A cosmic orchestra, in tune
With colors limning living sound.
As the fiery rings of Saturn trail
Kaleidoscopes of brilliancy,
Reds and oranges paint a veil
Where sunset weds with ecstasy.
Strange how lonely is this place
On the cusp of bright eternity,
As far worlds swing way out in space
In every far off galaxy.
Grandeur and glory mingle there
Beneath the glow of distant suns,
But caution tells their folk beware
As terrans come with ships and guns.
For on a field of blasted soil
Great ships poise to leap away.
Pistons hum and then recoil
To thrust them out where comets stray.
Dreadnaughts flash across the void,
Earth’s hegemony spreads apace.
Some proud worlds will be destroyed
To glorify the human race.