The Shaman’s Vision

By Linda Platt Mintz

In the House of Our Redemption
There are rainbows of the sun
He who enters there is many
He who leaves is only one.
The fire consumes its keepers
We are born within its flame,
The smoke sends forth a message,
The retelling of our name.
Voices speak to us through thunder
Walls are other ways to see,
We are bound to one another
As the earth is to the tree.
The spirits are among us
Wolf and coyote, snake and deer
And the echoes of their speaking
Are the whispers that we hear.

In the House of Our Redemption
One bridge stands, and stands alone,
It is formed of noon and midnight,
It is wind that once was stone.
Our fathers stand at one end
Near the gateway of the sky,
At the other is White Eagle
Who will teach us how to fly.