Time to give the mundanes a chance….they want in on science fiction so much. Our January 2018 issue presents a more normal look at the future, wondering if the future is now. Here’s some of our takes: “With Silicon Eyes” by Craig Cortright brings you into the day-to-day perspective of robots. “Flash and Sam Meet the Rapper” is a space story that really rocks. “Dreamwalking Raven Butte” by Gary Every presents a wilderness illumination. “Xylophone Madness” by Burnett Toskey shows how music can carry us into another dimension. “Only Human” by Ryan Lee Price looks for identity in space. “Word Control” by Varda One does some of that. “A Welcome Home” by C. B. Thatcher is a post-war look at the Home Front. “When I Was Your Age” by Alex Bledsoe views the absence of gods. This infusion into science fiction represents the population.

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Well…fellow sf and fantasy fans…it’s been real…and be sure to join us again four months from now.

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