Big Bang

by Daniel Green

Hawking’s exposition makes attainable to layman’s wonder
concepts beyond this or any other time,
visions grand
beyond perception demand
imagination far from what’s now known,
black holes or distant galaxies. Big bang began
so far before the unicell that time lost meaning, then
or now, or what’s ahead. The accident
of 02 and H and C in confluence compatible
creates a life of puerile contention
prepared by past so brief the future’s lost in mystery.
A guessing game.
Will shrinking overcome
the craving to expand?
Does pendulum foretell that all
comes back to where we were? Or even less?
These massive moves bear no affinity
to things today.
What yesterday
forgot yet may tomorrow bring.
The hedonist says “What the hell?”
The rest rely on faith, or question “Why?”