I seem to have given some people the impression that I said that God was well-wishing toward Surprising Stories, and backing it. Actually, it is Ghu who gives me help in editing and producing this netzine, and I think it’s clear from this that the zine is going in the right direction. Ghu is one of the ghods of science fiction and its fandom. I was able to perceive that this was the right direction to be taking, and had something going, and that’s what Ghu wants to see, whereby I acquired favor from him. I get some inspirations on how to lay out the magazine and put a phrase when I am writing something from this source. And that explains why the magazine has been riding as high as it does for so many years. Yes, Surprising has been around for over fifteen years now, spanning a decade. People are surprised that it has lasted that long, and say that that justifies its title. That's what I felt it would be, and I surprised everyone with a new publication of sf on the net. That long? The magazine resembles the Long Earth in its longevity. I think I have contributed well to the course and development of science fiction with Surprising Stories.

     Neither God nor the government takes the magazine into any concern, of course; they are busy with other things, to put it mildly. And I fancy that there is no way that it would ever attract their notice. But that’s no worry to me, as I had no expectation that it would, and was only looking for a place for it, and found that well enough here; and I hope I have pleased some people by putting this product before them. I have noted that a lot of people are very difficult to please, but maybe we have some that are easy to please here with us on the net. Orwell foresaw this form of communication, and thought it would be dire indeed, but in spite of this possibility, we find the net open to us, perhaps because it sprang forth first in the Land of Opportunity. T.S. Eliot says “Do I dare…to disturb the universe?”  I don’t dare to do it, don’t even try to, even though Eliot took that bet and became a great poet, with certain faults to him but a vast literary outlook. Not that Surprising is compatible with universal truth, but I don’t want to do things that would be disturbing to it, and don’t do them. Surprising is harmonious, at least, with universal verities. I wouldn’t want to disturb anything like the universe. That’s a fact, and if I were lying, I’d be flying. You don’t see me doing so.

     When you look at the media, you see something like Superman. He can “change the course of mighty rivers, bend steel”.  I couldn’t even imagine doing such a deed as the first one. Hell, I couldn’t cut a biscuit in half without getting crumbs all over the table. But when I do cut one, I’ll put guava jelly on it, which is sufficient to make for me a refreshment. Let superman do what he does. It isn’t real.

     So there you have it. Having nothing in particular to express in an editorial this issue, I just wrote down some thoughts I had about what I’m doing, and I’m calling that my editorial. 2018 is just coming up, a date which I wasn’t even able to imagine in my earlier lifetime, and I’m just as surprised as readers might be to have another year roll around. Eighteen years from the change of the century. When I was eighteen years old, I was just taking a look around me. I never did get a full interpretation of what I saw. Well, who needs it? That’s my January, New Year’s message. I think the year ahead may be some kind of turning point, but what kind, I don’t know.