by Jim Sullivan

     Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Now it has come to pass. Some electronically astute, technically competent person recently declared for all on our planet to hear. “The Computer is our new God!”

To established creeds, that announcement came as a shock and is considered a heresy of the first rank. Luckily, it’s the 21st Century; elsewhere, a new Inquisition would be under way. After all, those old-time religions have to protect their turf. But to numerous individuals enamored of the computer for its being the port of entry into the worldwide web, aka heaven, it makes complete sense to say “Cyberspace to Earth: We have a new Supernatural Being!”

The Computer is almighty (and, therefore, is the Almighty), goes everywhere, and does virtually everything accurately and fully. It, and we’re talking Main Frame, Personal Computer and Laptop here, provides all the answers to each and every question persons might have. And it’s getting smarter with each passing day. Moreover, the Computer is tireless (some are even wireless) and fast. How else could or would you define, or divine, your true Spiritual Leader?

Surely, the Computer has come to be thought of as  the Supreme Deity to users, also known as hackers, geeks, or just plain folks. They all spend their spare time nowadays on-line worshipping the new Creator. And users never tire of telling anyone who’ll listen, or pretends to, about the Lord Computer, as if He were the Ruler of the net universe.

On the internet, people meet, communicate, educate, compute, research, read, write, e-mail, play games, tell jokes, etc.  Has there ever been such a grand and glorious device? We think not since the electric can-opener. And the internet can be accessed in all its wonderment, generally speaking, anywhere on Earth.

Computer owners place their haloed computers, bedecked with screens, modems, printers, and what have you upon valued altars of respect in the home, workplace, or public institution. There, hordes of people learn daily how to bow, scrape, and genuflect to their Lord, the Computer.

The high priests and priestesses of this new religion are, naturally, Its programmers, many living today like monks and nuns of yore, alone and totally wrapped up in their constant communicating with God.