Our Words Have Forked No Lightning

     Surprising Stories has been on the net fifteen years now, which is longer than some things have lasted, but we seem not to have made any grand impression in that course of time. Modifying that a little, it has made as much of an impression on the public at large as the things we see and read have made on us, so there is a median maintained, but there is a certain quietude about the reactions both ways that is not very expressive of being there. Nevertheless, it is for us a plateau upon which we can enjoy peace and luxury, having fashioned all this for ourselves. We are not, at least, guilty of hubris, the pride that lies within man to try to equal the gods, which generally ends with the belief that he who has attempted to do so has succeeded in doing so, but you can see from the title of the editorial that we do not consider ourselves to have done so. One thing wanting about the definition of this word, anyway, is that we don’t see much of an indication of there being gods, so hubris is a phantasmal concept and a man need not feel much guilt about trying vainly to equal something he has made up. Some guilt, maybe, to add tone and spice to his stance, his attitude. Just the right amount of it, do you ken.

     My own concept in originating this netzine, as some call it (this might be too great a contraction to be a really fluent part of the language) is at least integral with the possession of a “computer” (actually, the internet system)—the proposition is offered to make use of this system to create, as, for example, it is suggested that one create a “webpage”; my reaction to this is “if it is to be creation, what is to be created? Not necessarily a webpage, or an identity, is another of the things that were suggested, but why not just what I did create?" Here you have it, Surprising Stories. With the means at my disposal, why not use it? (Means is singular, take off the “s” if you want to see what I, well, mean.) (Don’t get paranoid when taking the s off my opening clause. If offended, just say “I don’t take no s off anyone!”) So, looking at the having of a rig is the begetter of the original impulse which led to the formation of Surprising Stories.

     Yes, we have no hubris, we have no hubris today. (Here come the people who don’t know what hubris means, and have their own conception of what it is—but this is happening only in the mind’s eye, so no mistake is being made.)

     What I hoped to see has come to pass from the opening up of this magazine, which is: the ability to write this particular editorial statement, having cleared a path to it, from my own viewpoint, deciding artistically that I had built the construct upon which the present premises may rest.

     And so I write this editorial with some satisfaction, not with the usual “ass” as it is called, it means irate.

     Have a look into its contents, if you will, that’s what I have placed this magazine here for people to do.