The Halloween Rescue

by Sedalia S. Sanders

It was the cat’s meow.

     One of Susie Q’s hobbies was to try something. An unusual stunt. She wanted her mother’s parachute to test her skills before going on an AIRPLANE to jump out near sundown.

Of course her mother’s parachute was made by the Creator who designed it somehow like a—a BAT with a screeching sound. Surely it had to be worn like a belt, which it was.

That special night came and they went to the airplane at the airport display only when it was near the time of sundown.

All the Cat Crew went there early to see Susie Q’s special stunt. Just imagine how she would do it. Hope there’s not much of a STRONG WIND coming.

Finally that time came.

There goes the plane searching high up.

“Have you gotten your suit fixed right? It’s almost time to jump out,” said Max Ray, the pilot.

“Yes, I’m ready and held upon rails as steel does.” She was ready to go when Max Ray says so.


Then she let go. After that she counted to ten. Out went the parachute in the shape of a bat.

Just then the mighty strong WIND changed. It took Susie Q on a Northwest course INTO THE WOODS near where the pine trees are.

That was when she had the belt on her person.

“The BAT SCREECHING sound—THAT’S  IT; I hope it works on its special frequency.”

That’s just when she pushed the exact button.

     Somewhere the screeching sound made an echo in the wind (somewhat like an echo BUT somehow different). The words came through in the wind and bounced onward where it reached toward the airport’s stadium. Silence. Only the wind finally came down, then there also came the night light flashing from her belt. It flashed an S.O.S. where she landed INTO the pine trees.

     The hours had flown by, probably around one and a half, who knows for sure. Then the patrols had to search for Susie Q. Night came. Then actually she heard her name being called. She yelled.

“I’m up here; can you see me? Get me down. I’m tangled. Find a way—PLEASE!?”

The patrols flashed their lights and suddenly found her.

     “The Halloween Rescue is solved—Good going, Susie Q,” said one of the patrolmen. “There’s going to be an award for your night light display of your mother’s creation of a Halloween parachute BAT. Who would’ve thought?”

They helped her down carefully and cautiously. Being tangled in the branches, all curled up, as she was, still they finally got her out of the tree. Amazing, as she was nearly shaking and fearfully said so as she fell..

She was tired and she slept.

“Okay, guys, we have to take her to the hospital,” said the Sarge of the patrols, Arnold Blaze. “Yes, sir!” said all. They gave her pillows and cover and kept her safe in the jeep. They went to the hospital and she stayed there and they took good care of her for only two days. After the two days she was really in full pep, highly and full blast.

     Conclusion: Looking for an excuse for Susie Q, there wasn’t anything to talk about until she said, “I don’t know what to say.” She stuttered about in her nightgown. She held her head down and moved her feet slowly one at a time.

“It’s all right. Just take it easy. You’ll feel better just in a couple of days. Who knows?”

     Seven days came and went and were gone and Susie Q felt like a daisy. Now she was lively and cheerful. It was all thanks to  the Halloween Rescue Squad. Good luck, Susie Q.