Bright Night Sprites
by Holli Hottwatt

Then you see them, now you don’t

     I hear the most ethereal and pastoral music in my head. It’s instructing me to head to the botanical gardens, better known as “The Eden in the Bronx”. It’s also inspiring me to wear this tiny sleeveless red dress, supplemented by my red peekaboos.
     Oh, dear, the gate is closed. Of course it will be closed. It is the night time. It is the eve of Valentine’s Day.
     Tonight is unusually warm for mid-winter. I’m feeling quite sensuous. Hmmm. It’s ten o’clock p.m. Do you know where your lover is? Tee hee hee. My woman’s intuition tells me I do. He is inside the park, enthralled by the beautiful and intoxicating music.
     Well, it will take more than a gate to keep Loretta Lippman out. I take off my flirty pumps, place them in my gold Gucci bag, and substitute for red converse “all star” sneakers. It will be much easier to scale the fence.
     I climb carefully and slowly so I don’t slip and fall. When I reach the top, I am careful that my dress doesn’t get caught. I time this just right. Well, I am athletic. I jump but I slip and fall. I scrape my left knee. Owww! Nothing seems to be broken but I am limping with a bloody bruise. Man, I feel like a lemur. I won’t let that stop me, though. I limp to where the source of that bright light and mesmerizing Celtic music is.
     Ahh, I’ve found it. It is where the giant tulip garden is. I take a peek. OMG, there are rainbows in the sultry night’s air. Little sylphs are flying about. A purple one sees me, flies to where my scraped knee is, gently taps it with her magical wand, and the bruise is instantly gone. Woo-hoo, I’m as good as new.
     Omg, there’s my man, Richard Palmer, being surrounded by colorful sylphs, singing and playing flutes, lutes, harps, and small percussion. Rich seems to be enjoying the night’s festivities with the Renaissance-type music.
     I cry out, “Richard, sweetie, are you all right?”
     Richie turns and smiles. “Never better, Loretta. By the way, I love that red dress you’re wearing. It’s so sexy that it brings out the little boy in me. Nice legs.
     I giggle and blush. “Well, little boy, here’s where this ravishing brown-eyed  redhead with the incredibly shapely gams makes you a man tonight. Resistance is futile, lover.”
     I strut my irresistible treats to where he is sitting and enjoying this supernatural concert and pounce on him.
     The music gets intense as the bright night sprites dance in a frenzy. I smooch him intensely, rocking his wild mind with my scorching cherry lips. Ooooh! His hands caress my legs as he lifts up my dress and fondles my bare bottom.
     “I’m always prepared, Richie my love,”  I coo in his right ear.
     “I can see that, my lovely Loretta. I still love that sexy red dress you’re wearing.”
     “Oooh, my darling Richie, my sexy red dress loves you back but not nearly as much as I do.” I unbutton his shirt playfully. He pulls me down to him and our lips meet, much to our libidos’ delight. He picks me up and carries me helpless across the adjacent wooded glade.
     The red faerie cries, “Our mission is accomplished. May you have long and happy lives together.”
     “We will,” we both happily agree, as the bright night sprites vanish.
     Concealed in the glade and feeling warmer than we’ve ever been on this unusually sultry midwinter’s night (I think the bright night sprites might have something to do with creating this warm enclave in the month of winter), we commence as our garments fly through the air. We give our troth to the beloved Moon Goddess and her consort, the Horned God. Bright golden dust falls around us courtesy of our little winged friends, the bright night sprites.
     “I love you, wife,” says Richard.
     “I love you, husband.” I swoon with joy to my beloved Richard before seizing him to proceed with making love.
     One day we will make it legal, but right now we are spiritually one in the eyes of our Pagan deities.