SURPRISING STORIES #48, September 2018

Produced by John Thiel, composited by Eric Thiel
A thrice-yearly publication from Oort Cloud Publications and VacHume Press.
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We take our sense of direction from the Great Bear.”

Cover by Thomas Brown, "Disconnected"



The Last Salvage, by Lawrence Dagstine        say never again
To Ride the Horse Off the Carousel, by Gerald F. Heyder    giddap!
Eagle’s Flight, by William Garth Hopkins  generations come & go
Journey Into Wonder, by Sedalia S. Sanders  not all you’d want
Singularity Man, by Jason Rogers     a most singular man indeed
I Dream/The Ruins of Lost Time, by Dr. Mel Waldman    all’s said!
Whisper to Me, Beauty, by John Polselli    who knows what’s what?
Bright Night Sprites, by Holli Hottwatt  so nice to have around.
Premonitions, by Will Mayo  who knows what will be?
Improvements, by Varda One  a touching tale of not touching

The Computer Corner
Ad Astra (advertising)

Creation Mythos, by G.A. Scheinoha
Precarious Balance, by Jim Sullivan
Divinity versus Non-Divinity, by Gerald F. Heyder

Yesterday's Tomorrows, by Martin Lock
The Off-Center Viewpoint, by Joe Napolitano
The Spaced-Out Library (reviews)
Fanac (activity in fandom)

A Stranger, by Dr.Mel Waldman
Music of the Spheres, by John Purcell
Temple of Janus, by Cardinal Cox
In Sleep’s Wake, by Neal Wilgus
Schroedinger’s Elephant, by Neal Wilgus
Facebook—Note 6.17, by Ron Emolo
Cosmic Eclipse, by Joanne Tolson
Mrs. Narcissus, by Steve Sneyd
Life is a Fairy Tale, by Gerald F. Heyder
Moonrise 1998, by Will F. Mayo
Night-Calm, by John Polselli
Nebula, by Kent Thornton
Omega’s Bloody Gig, by Walter Zimmerle
Sphere Computer Iracius, by Darren Kidd
Scifi, by Peter Layton

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