Reporting and describing the activity of science fiction fandom


There is nothing more mature than a science fiction fan, who has aged over the aeons and visualized the beginning and the end. Here are pictures of these delightful people and their conventions.



Making use of their inward energies through various disciplines, they intend to take over the world of affairs with their advanced thinking. Soon the world will be theirs, for their time has come at the Millennium. It is written, “Science Fiction Fans will take over everything at the time of the Apocalypse.” Well, it the apocalypse is not here now, it isn’t going to arrive; this will have to do it—the world of today, an apocalyptic world which if it progresses further will have to progress past the apocalypse, by way of new thought.

Which makes Fanac a really important and significant feature. What are the sf fans doing right now, and what are they planning to do next? Well, one answer to that this month is that Steve Davidson has produced the first issue of a revived Amazing stories and distributed it at a science fiction convention, which raises the number of professional science fiction magazines from three to four and pulls us out of the slump we have been experiencing for a score or two of years.

Here it is: the newly published Amazing, looking just like the magazine it is perpetuating including having a lot of news-stand interest. And here also is Steve Davidson himself, the head of Experimenter Publishing and the man behind Amazing Stories’ resurrection. What is fandom going to do next? Here’s what one person has arisen from the ranks of fandom to produce.

Steve Davidson—from fan to pro in a big way!

That’s our take on Fanac for the month, and it’s a big event indeed. Don’t call science fiction and its fandom “Seemingly mundane-like at the present” and “indistinguishable from the Thundering Herd”. Things are just beginning!