Singularity Man
by Jason Rodgers

An avant-garde glimpse

     Singularity man sat in the lobby tapping on a tablet. A constant stream of random information floods from the screen onto his face. Communication theory used to call this noise, but in the post post-modern age it’s all we’ve got, so best to make the best of it.
     Singularity man sits with his tablet on his lap.
     He wears thick glasses, in an attempt to adopt the signifiers of nerd culture. He’s clearly aging, though he would not admit such.
     The stream of random blips that enter his headspace make him feel as if he is informed, skeptical, and a free thinker. Somehow, singularity man has the same opinions as everyone else, but who knows where it comes from? Because he doesn’t know its source, he assumes he came up with it all by himself. Singularity man imagines himself an individual, though he proves it by arguing against the individual, and fantasizing about the day when technology transcends life and all life collapses in hive mind.