Susie Q/The Cat’s Meow
Journey Into Wonder
by Sedalia S. Sanders

You know cats accompany man into outer space and know more than they seem to. Here we have a cat who takes this ultimate trip, but must ponder, “Is this Heaven or is it Hell”?

     We are living into a journey of wonders beyond many ideas, where dwells, therefore, our imaginations. Inside our world comes inspiration. That’s where Susie Q/The Cat’s Meow lives in me. That’s where I write her stories. I hope you enjoy many of her worlds. But some time there might be some twists and turns. Let’s go riding on a real ROLLER COASTER RIDE, the time of your life. HERE WE GO!!!

     WATCH OUT—Susie Q is being chased by many Wallybangers, imaginary beings that were created by a laughing evil scientist saying “I almost got you, Susie Q, I’m so really needing you to become one too. An EVIL WALLYBANGER with screw teeth, a furry purple wolf with green claws along with a unicorn horn on your head. How’s that, being evil IN your dreams—DREAMS. NOW wake up. WAKE UP!!”
     As she woke up it was only a dream…OR IS she!? Then she looked into her mirror. Then she screamed horror-ously. SHE BECAME REAL.
     “I’m NOT a Wallybanger. How’d this happen? Wake up, WAKE UP!!” She HAD to wake as she shook her head, then looked in the mirror again. Still there!! That’s when the evil scientist followed her around through everywhere she went.
     Susie Q was shivering like crazy until she noticed she was being followed with a camera crew and a lot of people.
     AGAIN she was growing huge like a giant. A huge huge giant Wallybanger with clawing teeth-like forks from her inside-horrored mouth. That woke her UP when she fell on the ground.

     She was tied up and couldn’t move at all. And that was when she became thrown into a Mystic Mirror of horrors. That’s where all the Wallybangers dwell (you may or might say Wallybangers are in evil and dangerous FORMS), and DIFFERENT too.
     How come and why? You’ll find out soon enough. Soon enough came in an instant. She accidentally rubbed when Amy the Amulet came about from her place. This timely twister twirled around and around and picked up Susie Q in the form of a Wallybanger when she awoke inside of an unusual twister (that’s the how come). Amy had a hard time trying to slow down the twister but she needed the way to STILL it slowly. Then she figured it OUT. She found a different approach to deactivate. It’s the center problem (who knew), it’s the STILL area, like inside a hurricane. That’s the how and enter the why to make it work.
     Amy flew in and out in the center faster and faster and broke the sound barrier.
     Just soon Susie Q dissolved her fur of purple and all others of the evil scientist’s magical mystic powers’ making.
     Zeni Aqu was his name. Now Susie Q knew his name and said it thirteen times around.
     “NO-O-OOOO!!” Zeni Aqu called out and went into the Purple Mirror where the Wallybangers were born f rom, DIFFERENTLY.
     But to be SURE about the purple mirror that’s still purple, Susie Q heard Amy the Amulet say, “Paint it black with yellow polka-dots. That’s Seni Aqu’s weakness. He won’t get out. If he does, he’ll be there in the mirror for over thousands of thousands of many decades or forever. He’ll never come out EVER.

     If you’ve read Journey into Wonder about ten to thirteen times around, don’t mention Zeni Aqu’s name OR you just might meet him in a DREAM. Don’t sleep “IF” you believe he is SO. But if you’re sure that’s ONLY a story I made up then you’re right. It’s ONLY a story I made up. Don’t get SCARED “OR” IF SO don’t become a WALLYBANGER.