It’s odd the way the codes on the net are keyboard alphabetical and numerical symbols so the user can type codes to get youtube music and videos. Odd, too, how these codes are interrupted by the similarity of ONE to the small L and capital I, as presented on the screen, so that the user is confused, and there is also a confusion with zero and O. These letters are not omitted from the recording symbols and in fact are frequent. The small Q is confusing to some too.       –John Thiel

COPY, PASTE, SAVE & SAVE AS by Joanne Tolson

     There are at least several ways I know of to copy and paste an item such as an article, a written document or photo to a document, to web page message boards.
1.) On a Word Document you can turn it black by taking the cursor and holding down the left click on the mouse and run it across the article until all of it is black.
2.) Then put the cursor down at the bottom or near the document and right click. A Dialogue Box comes, left click on copy, go to other blank Document page or email and Right Click.  Click on PASTE. Then the article is attached to the document or email. You can also by hitting the back space key delete the article.
So, if you want to attach an HTML or URL to a Blank Document Page, a comment section, an email
3.) There is CONTROL + C, then go to your new Word Document blank page and CONTROL + P and voila, it’s pasted to your new document. So, if you want to attach an URL/HTML from the ADDRESS BAR on your Web Browser, take the Mouse and guide the left cursor across the HTML address and turn it blue, at the end of it right click and click on COPY, go to predestined page or comment box and then right click. Click on PASTE and hit the ENTER button to complete action.
4.) SAVE/SAVE AS—Saving a picture from a web page such as Facebook.
5. Right Click, select COPY or Save As whether you want it to go to your Hard Drive or designated Email or document, the gray box comes up then. You select one or the other. Close out gray box.
6.) Control + A to transfer more than one document or JPG at a time is a quicker way than one at a time. On the first item, turn it blue, then press Control + A at the same time. Place cursor on the last JPEG/document, turn all blue that are to be copied. Then take the left mouse at the top of items and DRAG and DROP into designated FOLDER(S).
7.) After you locate the DCIM under COMPUTER DISK DRIVE from your Cell Phone Camera or Digital Camera, rename folder under DCIM and DRAG and DROP folder into PICTURES folder or, if you just want to transfer JPEGS themselves into a designated folder then use CONTROL + A and DRAG or DROP by turning them all blue. By using thumbnail you can convert, or Icons, I believe you convert those goofy Icons from your cell phone, if they were not downloaded through DCIM. The things they don’t tell you how to do on your cell phone. Which I had no idea how to do like a regular computer.