by Sedalia  S. Sanders

These three cats might bring an ancient puzzle to a head

     It happened from long ago until now. It rose up to this time and day to seek out the kittens for help.

     Did you ever see the city of Atlantis float across the ocean for real? Probably not, but still I can write about it. (The narrator.)

     Having risen, all of a sudden the people of Atlantis asked the three kittens to solve a problem.

     They talked about it. Purple, Pink and Polka Dots had put on their suits and got on the case. “Hmmm, it seems you do have a problem. We’ll take the case.”

     They got on their flying magical gear and whizzed on beyond the areas here and there but didn’t find anything—but something was missing, and they went back to the people of Atlantis.

     As they did so a sudden surprise got into them. The three kittens saw the whole city of Atlantis get shrunk half way down and turn GREEN. The young people changed to this color. And WHAT did the three kittens have to say? They said: “LEPRECHANUNS!!! They’re Leprechanuns on the city of ATLANTIS.”

     “Of all the things in this crazy world we should’ve known better in the month of March on the date of the 17th!” Outsmarted, they slapped their heads.

     “Now what, young ones?”

     “Just this, young detectives,” one spoke out. “We missed one of our children on your planet Earth trying to find our history being made and where to seek some information.”

     “Why, there’s no problem. Just check our Library. They have some answers in their huge building.”

    Inside the library were people checking out books they would enjoy,not paying any attention as a small child wearing some green went to the history areas. As soon as he got through the shelves he found Ireland books, about ten to fifteen of them. He had to choose quickly. He did so and checked out.  The librarian, named Sue Jones, helped him out. Up came the three kittens, who saw what he was doing.

     As they stood still, staying very calm, the young green child went to the story area and began reading the history book on Ireland. He read page after page in less than a second. That’s called speed reading. When he was done he returned every book to the librarian and decided to go back home to his people. When he got there he told them everything.

     Purple, Pink and Polka Dot hadn’t said anything, but they understood.

     “Your young child—whatever his name was—“

     “Onna. His name is Onna from Atlantis. Well, my name is Boris Stran. Well, I guess we better get back under the floating land to somewhere we belong. See you sometime soon. Bye.”

     And off they went, the Leprechanuns!