IMAGINATION: Blueprint of Mind to Physical Reality

by Gerald F. Heyder

If it can be conceived, it can be achieved! Mayan Origin

     Ah, yes, imagination! What a powerful source and force it is. It can be as refreshing as ice cream on a hot summer day, soothing as a lullaby orchestrated through leaves on a breezy day, and bold and powerful as a freight train rumbling along on a high transit bridge.

     Imagination can be a drama in contrast black and white, it can be in color to rival the most brilliant parrot as well, as well as the psychedelic design of a clown’s costume. Imagination can be a breathtaking rainbow and it can be a black turbulent tornado swirling through nature’s scope at will. Beauty and the beast, so to speak.

     Imagination is the drawing table in the mind upon which blueprints are drawn when those highly charged electrical impulses surge through the nooks and crannies of our brains. Yes, playing games of what can be possible if we are susceptible to their urges to communicate with our conscious awareness. Imagination is the host of a game show tempting our senses to see if we are willing to engage in the contest for a prize of reality that the host tantalizes us with, a bread-crumb trail in the forest of Hansel and Gretel.  Will there be a Fairy Godmother in store for us, or will it be a wicked witch in disguise?

     Imagination is the dream, aspiration, desire that has stirred the fire of longed-for success in the heart and soul of every human being who has ever walked this earth. It is the chimera in our subconscious mind with film for receiving, ultimately transitioned into film for projection upon the movie screen in the theater that resides behind our eyes and between our ears. Lights, camera, action is in store for us, to transform make-believe into reality if we are truly willing to damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead with a genuine ambition to succeed.

     Imagination is the doctor in the delivery room delivering us into that state of limbo where we must exist until we are capable of knowing who and what we are, to proceed to the ultimate state of knowing what we want and why we want it. We must see it in our mind transferred from heart and soul to know what we must do to obtain final possession.

     Imagination will ultimately determine our memory scrapbook with all the things we attained because we came, saw and conquered through our insatiable desire to do so. Long live imagination, for perhaps it may determine how long we live!

     Now go and imagine to your heart’s content! Adieu to you all!