by Laura A. Steeb

Prevent the walls from falling
and keep society intact.
I prefer not to sound pessimistic,
relax the voice and feel sedated.

Remove the burning sensation from my eyes,
don’t observe any chaotic occurrences.
Wait for the perfect golden chariot,
need him to hold a sacred hammer.

Do I want to hear sweet lies?
Not the person who takes the poisoned apple.
I prefer trusting my own knowledge,
A pleasant taste without regret.

Have no banned urges,
adapting in society naturally.
A structured lifestyle is not for me,
I yearn for freedom.

Why not break the predictable mold?
Have power to sculpt the mind and body.
Fed up with the energy being drained out from me,
I prefer to strengthen my identity.

Saddened by hearing bombs fall,
the sky corrupted in sulfur.
People lose their lives,
give the next generation a better tomorrow.

Mend a broken nation,
don’t get lost in greed.
The journey to seek “world peace”.
I prefer a sane society whose head won’t spin like a top.