The Serpent of Eden

by Gerald Heyder

The dark moon is brighter than a black soul bent
on treachery and evil. The bright sun is darker
than purity and righteousness in the hearts of those
who possess these greatest of blessings.
The innocence of a newborn infant is treasure
more rare than gleaming gold embellished
with jeweled brilliance. A smile is to be cherished
more than lust and greed to feed avaricious
corruption becoming the dying ember of morality.
The totality of darkness sinking into the deepest abyss
of human spirit is the decay of wisdom teeth
rooted in the gums below hallowed wisdom
of their namesake. The Serpent of Eden exists to turn
the Garden into a barren desert void of abundant
fruitful haloed heads the Almighty intended to rule
the Earth in its original sense of perfection.
Such is the decline from Alpha to Omega of existence!
Take life for granted?
“The fates of the gods are fickle at best
and tragic at their worst!” (Old Greek proverb)