by Rose Gordy

Tis said implants can solve the world’s problems. But is this so?

     Considering more has been developed or invented in the past fifty years than during the previous five thousand, it’s no surprise that we are routinely living past a hundred and fifty today in 2030 thanks to multiple codes, circuits and chips in our bodies.

     Myilsa Somers just celebrated her hundred and twentieth birthday today, August 14, 2030. Ready to move on to join all her ancestors, she tried to ignore her “whippersnapper” doctor’s pleas for her to be fit with a series of chips to prolong her life a minimum of the additional decades. She rued even considering that awful possibility. She was more than anxious to move On and Out, because, missing the last of her family and friends, she routinely felt forlorn and sad being all alone.

     Even if she wanted to live as many more years as her doctor promised,  she believed that the chips he wanted to implant in her body would make her less a human woman and more an android one. She’d seen it happen to several acquaintances who acted like the machines they were becoming, not as energetic and loving human beings. No, those men and women seemed on the verge of actually becoming robots. She was turned off interacting with any of them as a result.

     So what was she to do? She had reluctantly agreed to another visit with her young doc tomorrow afternoon, but she didn’t want to hear him insist again on doing what he wanted, as she was certain he would. Determined to remain fully human as she called her current self, she was almost afraid he just might bamboozle her beyond her endurance or resolve. She wanted to cancel the appointment but she did have some other issues to ask about like her high blood pressure and heart palpitations. So she had to keep her appointment with him, determining to remain firm against letting him implant any chips whatsoever in her aging body.

     Dr. Newland did, in fact, have special plans for Ms. Myilsa. She was to be his Big Chance for “A Claim to Fame”. He would eventually convince her to allow as many chips to be implanted in her body as viably possible. Then she’d become his “Specimen of the Future”, to be studied, eventually emulated, and even honored, perhaps into her two hundredth plus year.

     He would, of course, take all the credit for this accomplishment and become known throughout the planet and beyond. How could he not do whatever it took to win over the old lady under these conditions? She’d be a pushover with his fervent encouragement.

     “Hmmmm, what can I promise?” he wondered out loud in his office. “What would make her grasp this phenomenal chance to live Beyond the Beyond? Money? Fame? Or better, becoming a young, vibrant woman again, to get it on with me? Wow! How high I’d get with her and all those chips in her body! She’d be a shoo-in then for Fun! Fun! Fun! How could she resist this? Or me?”

     An hour later, as Myilsa left her house for her appointment  with the doctor, she vowed again to herself, “He can promise me the sky for all I care! I am definitely not going to become his guinea pig and wake up one day as some kind of human machine. I will stand my ground no matter what. I will not give in. I don’t care what arguments he tries to use to convince me otherwise. I will remain the complete human woman I am. And that’s  it and all! Too bad if he wants to use me to get famous, it’s not for me.”

     Remaining firm to her decision, before the doctor could urge her again to change her mind, she flowed into “Other World of Forever Joy” in the middle of her trip to see him.

     When Newland got the news of her passing, he was alternately sad, peeved, and genuinely angry and frustrated. The Fates were all against him! Now he would have to find another Specimen, and soon. It would just take more time, which he thought he had more than enough of.

     However, before he could find another viable subject, he was killed. It was a week later that his hovercar was hit by lightning during a turbulent storm.