To Ride the Horse off the Carousel

By Gerald Heyder

Yippee, what fun it is to go up and down and around and around
on a painted horse to music on a carousel.
What delirious joy to be carefree and see the world as a kaleidoscope
with all the hope it will never come to an end.
Oh, to ride this painted pony off this revolving platform
into the warm sunshine and if you please a breeze
caressing me tenderly to render me into ecstasy of motion
with devotion no never return to this place to face the completion
of the carousel ride.

What is happening? I can’t believe my horse is snorting
and is making a whinnying sound, and separating from the pole
to become a whole solid living quadruped jumping off this giant
revolving cylinder, galloping through the crowd
as people are aghast by this blast of  fantasy into reality
astounding beyond belief.
A psychedelic cloud surrounds us and gently through suction we swirl
inside this vacuum going around and around to where we are bound I know not. I am mounted on a Pegasus without wings
and I can hear singing through angelic voices and the choice is not
of my doing, but I am not boo-hooing
for I know destiny is a taking place, and though I leave no trace behind
on Earth, I know my worth is ascending to a realm
where I will see  eternity on a carousel forever, whirling with ecstasy.