by Paul Truttman

Do other things accompany a progress?

Earth quarantined. A planet considered by the Galactic Young World Collaboration to be too much of a threat even to its own survival. Report follows:

     Earth is not recorded as either a colony or as a self-germinating species. If a colony, no record exists still of its parent world. If warlike, as exhibited by planetary inhabitants, the parent world probably self-annihilated, so we look for evidence of frozen, mass, short-projected bombardment on a planetoid within the affected galaxy. Search was not arduous as several such possible homeworlds have been discovered.

     If self-germinating, Earth evolves without a future. Its inhabitants exhibited  compassion for one another only once during its last hundred year cycle, the 1930s, when, as a collective, an economic depression escalated to planetary dimensions and was combated, country by country, nation by nation.

     But world wars preceded and have post-dated this historic episode, negating a once and only illumination. Earth, as a whole, regresses rather than evolves and is to be avoided by space travelers. Visit at your own risk.

     Lights in the sky appear over the Western Sky. They appear a few nights later over the Eastern Sky. The most recent sightings of these lights appeared in the 1930s, then again in the 1950s. Unidentified Foreign Object (UFO) enthusiasts observed lights again in the 1970s and into the early 1980s, but few were seen during Earth’s war years. These objects of light appeared to be circular or elongated and traveled at faster than light speed, able to change direction as if snapped to and fro on the end of a fishing line.

     Reported also over the years, the abduction of human specimens for use as laboratory rats aboard highly active, white-interiored flying saucers or aerodynamic inter-galactic tubes. If these reports are credible, the visitors were seeking a human intelligence gene. The visitors were disappointed. If they were seeking to find proof of human evolution, they were also disappointed. Also researched is the fact that space travelers did not depart for their home world carrying Earth mediums of enlightenment; the Bible, Torah, Koran, or any other books, even though the Bible itself speaks of ancient explorations and space traveler manipulations, in wheel-like flying apparitions (see Ezekiel 1). Some speculators on Earth think the travelers may already possess copies—in archive and signed by the authors.

     The galactic library visited a few years ago—as part of my own disk-jockey training—shows other worlds existing under a variety of philosophies: tribal, utopian, religious, parasitic, temporal, non-corporeal, even cerebral. Some worlds even prosper under a world government with no enclave poorer or persecuted more than any other. This, of course, brings us back to the reason for the quarantine of Earth.

     The Galactic Old Worlds Travel Council established, twenty seasons ago, guidelines for safe yet adventurous inter-world space excursions. The least of which is that….Battle stations! Battle stations!

     Oops, sorry, had to go. Another Aleutian marauder was off our port bow. It seems the Earth disease is already spreading throughout the civilized planets: savagery, greed, capitalism, and, oh, yeah, pollution, of both mind and the environment.

     Battle stations! Battle stations!