SURPRISING STORIES #50       May 2019

Produced by John Thiel, composited by Eric Thiel
a thrice-yearly netzine from Oort Cloud Pbns./Vachume Press

Contact with the zine may be had at

We’re rolling about in a bucket of steam—steaming to Old Moira
Cover by Aspen Thiel




Lost Soldier, by Mel Waldman
Lost to all observation?
J’Lynn the Sorcerer, by Herbert Jerry Baker  Zotz!
Visitor from the Cosmos, by Bob Bolin A bit odd, maybe
ButtonLove Note from the Damned, by Nescher Pyscher J
ButtonFrom Alluria with Love, by Prologue We can trust them.
ButtonThe Day All Hell Broke Loose on 13th Street, by Gerald Heyder
ButtonWhat Place Is This? by Sedalia S. Sanders of existential concern
ButtonFlight of the Last Pterodactyl, by Kim L. Neidigh most of the ecology is missing
ButtonThe Invisible Man’s Revenge, by David Haberman
ButtonAthenodoros of Athens,
by Gary Every
dial ghost hunters
ButtonAs the Void Expands, by Paul Truttman  hang loose
ButtonThere Goes Another One, by Joe Napolitano kaboom

ButtonElectric Dreams, by Kim L. Neidigh
ButtonStar Trek Technology Applied to Everyday Life, by Joanne Tolson


Ad Astra

ButtonThe Spaced-Out Library
ButtonYesterday’s Tomorrows, by Martin Lock
ButtonPrintout (letters)

ButtonThe Roof, by Mel Waldman
ButtonGalaxies Collide, by Nathan Whiting
ButtonShadow Land, by Mel Waldman
ButtonFall Apart Universe, by Joanne Tolson
ButtonThe Far-flung Stars, by Joanne Tolson
ButtonMind Locked in a Space Robot, by Nathan Whiting
ButtonPre-Dawn, by Karl Watson
ButtonThe Cumulus Cities in the Sky, by Rose Gordy
ButtonLe Luce, by Peter Layton
ButtonJack-Throated Poet, by Ron Emolo
ButtonOut of the Hour, by Will Mayo
ButtonSigns of Far-Off Planets by David Gregg
ButtonDejah Thoris, by Holli Hottwatt
ButtonThe Morning After, by William Bowman Piper
ButtonApocalyptein, by Herbert Jerry Baker

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