Time Passages

     The days are going by mighty fast in this new century where the high-speed civilization of the 20th Century seems to have accelerated geometrically. People have been complaining about how rushed everything is for a long time. The train, the automobile, and the airplane speeded things up a lot in our time, as did the ocean liner, and all of these things were developed and made common in less than fifty years from the time of their invention. Speedy inventers making devices that will enable people to get things done in a mere fraction of the time it once took. Then there was outer space, and what was appropriately called the “space race”. Newspapers became dailies in an effort to catch the news right as it happened.  The media filled people’s lives with everything from all over the world and incentives to speedy progress were offered. Slow cultures were mocked until they speeded up. There is so much to do that a day just flashes by as one works without rest.

     Well, it’s appropriate that a civilization should speed up after the draggy turgidity of the earlier centuries such as the 16th, but who can say anything for sure about the pace of life? At any rate, I have been reconsidering my policy in this publication as I watch the internet speed things up even more from the way they were moving. People deserve a rest, a sort of break, and giving them (and my writers and myself) this has been my reason for shortening all the fiction in the issue to flash fiction (not that I edited them down to flash—far be it from me to do anything like that—but I’m only printing shorter pieces so that the reader can read the magazine without spending too much of his precious time doing it, and get back to that gaming or political controversy or whatever). You will, I think, like the ease to be found in getting at the material presented in this issue—and it all comes right to its point and expresses its purpose in being written tersely. Tailored to suit the reader.

     In this way all can be satisfied in reaching the goal we have been striving for, an interesting and readable magazine.