A fan isn’t really a fan until he’s tried out some cosplay. In fact, he isn’t even a man—he has no manhood. But what’s most important is that he isn’t really active. A fan is inert until he has done some cosplay.

Current fan activity is centering around the National Fantasy Fan Federation’s new History and Research Bureau, which is researching and describing the history of science fiction, fantasy, and fandom. The NFFF has always been trying to consolidate fan activities and organizations and build an orderly science fiction readership which would perhaps even have social effectiveness.  The Bureau is naming and linking research points such as the Fancyclopedia and histories such as ALL OUR YESTERDAYS.  At the same time the Neffers are building up their organization with several new bureaus and having a lot of discussion of their own past.

FACEBOOK has numerous science fiction and fantasy sites, the most significant of them somewhat lacking in activity, but  one  of the Neffers, Jeffrey Redmond has a site with 30,000 members, called SCIFI, which is active at any time of the day. He has other sites as well. His sites are kept N3F-conscious.

Keep tuned to online fandom and watch it as it builds.