Your letters of comment

BOND SQUAZY: You sure do write a companionable mag. I was put into a squi opening by the January number, which had a cover I liked too. I think if I miss any more of this hoodoo I’m back with the grand funk railway…but what’s this? How do I subscribe?
  Pick up a ticket to ride off the back of one of Bob Dylan’s bootheels. Have I helped you?

LILO SELIFRANDI: Can you guess from my name what gender I am? Take your time.
   We have all the time in the world. However, we do not discuss gender in this magazine.

POOT AMSTERDAM: This is the seventh issue of it that I’ve read (the January one of this year). Those were mostly in sequential order. But, in my file folders, I have not been able to keep them in the correct order. Moreover, things keep disappearing from my files, but the three that disappeared have reappeared. My overall impression, since the other six were all from the last three years, would be that this has been a very good year, except that three years have been involved, so it could not be considered anything but the most recent run of issues, though since it seems like it should be a monthly I could class those as a good year for reading—except the “year” would be an imaginary one….and the “monthly” business? Let us just call that a bit of, shall we say, “wish fulfillment”.
  I doubt that your first name is “Poot”.

JIM MACINTYRE HEATH: Here’s some pre-sorted copy. I wonder what’s in it? Oh, it’s a jet-lag issue of Surprising Stories. I hit the proper keys, the equivalent of reaching my hand into the envelope, and bring the issue up (on my screen) by downloading it, equivalent to pulling the issue forth. Someone can do just that with the new Amazing Stories, and a bunt fine new copy that is, too. I saw you were predicting it, and it has arrived. The latest issue, I have a coat pocket you could shove, or push, a shovel in, and I stuck it in my coat pocket backwards with the title showing so people could see what I had, as my pocket is not as deep as it is wide and I even wondered if it was actually a pocket, or intended as one, but it does serve as a pocket. This is somewhat like your magazine, as I wonder if it can really be called that, but it does, like the pocket, serve, though it clearly serves not the tyrant nor the nation involved.
  And now I am going to go somewhere and chill.
  Real happy you read the issue, Jim, we are happy to welcome you into the fold.

MARGARET WHITMORE: I take my time reading it, just as I do appraising a person I have just met. The magazine, as seen on the net, does not provide any guidance and is not instructional, but I have put aside all guidance and instruction recently and it seems to me they are essentially not effective or of value unless seen to be so. As you can see, I have made some major changes in my life style—it is always too late to do that, but the changes are of the essence.  I think I can work it a little better with the outlook I now have. So, like, anyhow, which is not what I would say, hence the “like”, the magazine has something that is useful, or if not that, something else, to me, and that is certain qualities of entertainment which it possesses. Or is it possessed by its qualities of entertainment ?  That’s supposed to be suddenly shouted in an eldritch voice. You build up some complements and then suddenly turn and shout, no loss to the individual or his or her individuality to have discovered this technique. As for what I liked best in the issue at hand, I don’t gamble or take risks, so I don’t think I’ll move in on any particular item.
  Keep on writing them, Margaret, we’ll keep
 printing them.

“POOR BOY” BOB ANDERSON HART: I think you know what you publish, but your editorial really had something to say. I don’t, though. You see, my editing friend, I am just a bohunk from the western states and don’t see much into literary matters. I can write and whistle, but when it comes to discussing what I have read, I am somewhat at a loss. But I wouldn’t want to leave my friend “John” at a loss, would I now? And so I am signifying having seen your endeavor, and I want you to know that it’s a joy to look at. Something that doesn’t just go by in the wind, it’s got substance. Well, I might write more at some future time, but now it’s back to this job I’ve got. More work, less pay, but at least there’s minimum wage, and plus some more, not really enough to go calling around about, but I do get by.
  It’s time for me to depart now so I’ll be seeing you. And I really do see you into a computer transmission, I don’t think I have misused this phrase.
  Yes, don’t hang out somewhere too long, they’ve got something out about “loitering”.  You’re the second letter I’ve printed in this issue that seems to have a last name as a middle name. Coincidence? Or should I try to find some latter day Charles Fort to explain what it is instead of one?

That’s all the letters for this month. See us next issue for more. And where to write if you write to the mag is