What Place Is This?
by Sedalia S. Sanders


Not really room there for a cat to swing

     Somehow we have entered an unknown dimension. Looks like we can make anything we think come true.

     “Where are we? What place is this?” Lala Cat meowed.

     “Wish we knew,” mewed the kittens, Patricia, Unia and Kiera.

     Then the fog lifted and it changed into a carnival of fun.

     “Kids! Don’t run off—you may get lost. Kiera? Come back here,” Lala screamed out to them.

     The two kittens came back but Kiera did not. She got stuck in the carnival of fun in a dimension that she thought up.

     Poor Kiera. She wanted her mommy back.

     Then she heard carnival music playing aloud. She also heard something else going on as well—people! 

     She shouted out, “Mommy, mommy.” Then she listened in. All she heard were unknown voices. The voices were people getting on rides and having fun.

     Kiera felt awful. She wanted her mother. She cried and thought of her other sister, too. Then the fog lifted again.

     “Kiera, Kiera! Where are you?” her mother cried out. “Oh, there you are. Don’t ever leave us alone.”

     Kiera saw them and ran to her mother. “Mommy! I got scared and couldn’t find you in a crowd of people.”

     Then the wind made a howling noise, breaking limbs on trees, and birds scattered about. The kittens hugged their mom.

     “It’s all right, young’uns. Let’s go under that tree over there so we can feel warm. We’ll be fine.”

     They did.

     Morning came. There was no fog around. Only food which they got served for them. “Mmmm-mm!” Were they ever hungry as they ate!

     “Hmmm. I wonder who gave this for us,” the mother, Lala Cat, figured. “Someone must have helped us out. I wish I knew who.”

     The misty fog came again. Within the fog came a mystery man in cat form, known as the Mysto Felonius.  He said no words but could make wishes come true, for he could read feline minds.

     “Like to see what dimension you were in that is called the Unknown?”

     “Yes! We’d like to!”

     “Well, here we GO!” Mysto Felonius said by his telepathy.

     A very heavy fog spread far and wide and gave a sound of lightning spreading the real thing. The kittens were frightened, afraid of the Mystery Cat. Was he trying to hurt their feelings? Or, who was he, really?

     Then the kittens saw inside his scary form—he was a Red Troll Bird!

     “Meow!” they cried out. “Run, Mommy, R-R-Runn! He’s a SCARY Red Troll Bird! He wishes to eat us—alive!”

     “Nonsense, girls. There’s no fear unless—unless…Oh-oh! Let’s get out of here!!”

     The mother cat protected her little ones and scattered away.

     What happened was that the mystery is that he DID change into his natural form—the scary Red Troll Bird. And the misty fog was his spaceship going back home with his meal to: Red Troll Planet!

     “Come back here—you meal! I’m getting hungry—for YOU. GRROWWLL!” Then he ran for them.

     The mother cat got frightened for her kittens and it made her brave. Something in the fog changed her bravery into an Amazon cat, a fearless mother. She got back to the Red Troll Bird and chewed him up. After all, a cat can eat small birds alive. No matter how evil they are on any planet.

     Then she came back to her kittens and loved them all.

     “Mommy, Mommy! We love you. You are a heroine, just like in the comic books.”

     “Oh-hhh! You are my sweethearts. You know that I’ll never desert you. Now that you have seen that, you know that it is best that you should never talk to strangers—especially those on evil planets. We can now go back home and off of this place.”