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The National Fantasy Fan Federation offers the opportunity to become an active part of science fiction and to learn more about this form of literature. Its purpose is to explain science fiction fandom, to make science fiction available to members, to encourage the development of writers, and to make science fiction and fantasy more well-known to the literary world. To join you must have a reader’s interest in science fiction, fantasy, or both and some desire to interact with people associated with science fiction and fantasy. The N3F makes available to its members a look at the sf literature of the world and of motion pictures and television of this sort as well. We are presently engaged in historical research, bringing forth information about science fiction’s past. For a better look at the organization, visit this site: you will be able to look at our publications and find information about joining the organization as a member.




Celine Rose Mariotti has a new young adult science fiction book and it is entitled “Atomic Soldiers”.  This is the story of the Capricorn-29 Space Ship venturing on a journey to the planet of Saturn.  It is the year 2515 and all the people who were on Earth in the 1980’s and 1990’s are back on Earth again.  President Ronald Reagan is once again the President of the United States.  The crew of the Capricorn-29 space ship encounter all sorts of alien space ships and aliens who find a way on to their space ship.  But they are protected by a special military unit called “The Atomic Soldiers”.   They meet up with the Russian space ship, the Mishka, and they connect their two ships and travel together.  Captain Vladimir Kisusky is very impressed with Captain Feldman.   Captain Feldman relies on the Atomic Soldiers to help them and defend them against these evil aliens.  Zach and Matthias are traveling on the space ship with them and they have all their atomic weaponry with them.  It is a story of big adventures; aliens; a Robot who is a friend to the crew; and some interesting scientific information about Saturn.  And a landing on Saturn!  “Atomic Soldiers” is published by Alban Lake Publishing of Iowa.


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“I Have a Friend on Jupiter” is the story of two young kids, Carlos and Indiana who both love to research about outer space online.  They find a web site where they can write to aliens in outer space.  They both find a friend on the planet of Jupiter.  At first, they keep it a guarded secret but then one night they ride their bikes up to the Observatory where they befriend Professor Hagerty and they tell him about their space friends on Jupiter.  At first, he is skeptical if the people they are writing to are really aliens from Jupiter.  But when their friends from Jupiter let them know they are coming for a visit, he begins to take it a lot more seriously.  A whole adventure begins when their space friends from Jupiter come to Earth to visit them.  The story takes place in New Mexico.  It is published by DreamingBig Publications and this is the second edition.

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Celine Rose Mariotti