Surprising Stories
#51, September 2019         Oort Cloud Publications/VacHume Press

Produced by John Thiel, composited by Eric Thiel. A thrice yearly netzine.
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“Runkshy, rankshy, rankshy rider
Mean old horse to the Venie Vider.”

Cover by Bob Veon, “Repairs in Space”




The Face in the Fireplace, by Nescher Pyscher
Apokrup, by Jeffrey Redmond
The Chatroom Caper, by Rose Gordy
Four Is a Crowd, by Bob Bolin
House of the Living Dead, by Dr. Mel Waldman
The Scarlet Silencers in Canyon De Chellig, by McArthur Gunter
The Last Conversation in Abasia, by Varda One
and Death in That Mad Old World, by Will Mayo
Star-Wearer, by J.W. Rich


Science Fiction and Transcendence by Neal Stanifer
ButtonDead Air by Joanne Tolson
ButtonMan Dies After Long and Painful Battle With Life by Apocohipster


ButtonScience Fiction Jokes
ButtonAd Astra (science fiction and fantasy advertising)
ButtonThe Computer Corner


ButtonThe Spaced-Out Library
ButtonYesterday's Tomorrows, Martin Lock
ButtonFanac (science fiction fan activity)
ButtonPrintout (letters to the magazine)


ButtonRight on that Interface by Steve Sneyd
ButtonInto the Universal Divide We Go by Joanne Tolson
ButtonOn the Craft Cancer, the Crab by Peter Layton
ButtonSpectral Definition by Paul Truttman
ButtonMorpheus by Herbert Jerry Baker
ButtonI Rule Mars by John Binns
ButtonExtinction? What If… by Gerald F. Heyder
ButtonFairy Tale Love by Gary Every
ButtonMy Pocket Model of the Universe by Nathan Whiting
ButtonThe Walls of Time by Karl Watson

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