by Gerald Heyder

Who knows what lurks in the mind of a madman, any more than what simmers in the heart and soul of a poet? Perhaps razor’s edge separates one from the other?

We wonder of creatures from outer space
But what about those from inner space?
Robots are oh, so cute,
But once they were blind, deaf and mute!
Now they’re programmed to think and create.
What’s slated next for these lightbulbs’ fate?
What if some day they become bored,
And decided it’s time they become the Lord?
Suppose they want amusement too,
With humans on parade in a human zoo?
Could they claim the way we behave
Dictates we should be their slaves?
What if mechanical offspring choose
To see how much blood we can lose?
Will we face the ultimate brink?
Do computerized madmen want us extinct?!!
What do you think?
Could these creatures some day have soul
To repent and relent by releasing control,
Or will they be Hitler revived
Convinced we should not be alive?!
Solomon said, not in jesting jollity,
“Fools are wise in conceited folly!”
Those who learn nothing from history
Are doomed to repeat it habitually!
Am I a prophet or am I insane,
Or a passing cloud that simply rains?
Before you judge the vision I see,
Perhaps you’ll consider this thought from me.
To quote the immortal bard:
“We know what we are, not what we may become!”
It becomes quite unnecessary
To yell “I told you so!” in a cemetery!
Consider an old proverb, which says,
“If it can be conceived, it can be achieved!”