We are the merriest people who ever existed. First we’ll dream, then do something else, then make the streets for a good time, and after that we want to get home for our fanac.  Really belong in the world, if you can see it. We have achieved what we wanted, but now it’s time for some more worldshaping via  fan activity. If you are jealous of us, do not let it bother you. Just some of the stardust sweeping by.

     This issue it’s a tilt of the harp for Ninth Fandom, which is beginning to build itself a place on Facebook. If you’re not into fandoms, 9th Fandom is the fandom to arise after the apocalypse, after having carried science fiction through the difficult years of destruction and fury. It was ordained that we should preserve sf through trying times. Now we want it to emerge from its underground and become established openly upon the Earth.  After the fulfillment of its objective has been “lived” and things are in order, a matter of years, it will fall fully into place and be quietly succeeded by Tenth Fandom, which may well be the final stage of fandom.

      If you want to see who is representing the new start, the answer is to be found on the Facebook page called Ninth Fandom. We thought of that name for the page, we think.

     Things are speeding up elsewhere in fandom, notably the N3F, which has added considerably to its roster due to the speedy efforts of Jeffrey Redmond (owner of several Facebook SF pages) , and which has nearly ten publications available to the membership (and the general public, too, at the N3F site), and has added some new bureaus, due to the efforts of its president George Phillies; one new bureau  at least is thriving, the History and Research Bureau, which is bringing up facts about earlier and present fandom like they were streaming, and presents the new info to the membership by way of its central publication Origin. It is beginning to establish tighter contact with other organizations and its Directorate is getting more dynamic. It seems to be bringing back much out of the blue sky, as George Phillies suggests. The Fanhistory Facebook page is keeping active with views of fanzines of the past.

     AmazingOnline is keeping up the fandom interests with current news, for which Experimenter Publications chief Steve Davidson is to be thanked.  We are all not going to let go of the science fiction and the fandom we once had.