Fairy Tale Love

By Gary Every

Bored of trying to be the hero,
the bearded zero
of nowhere. Tired of my romantic
relationships failing when lover’s bliss
is replaced by flailing fists,
gnashing teeth and wailing war cries;
the beautiful damsel in distress
has tears down the bosom of her dress.
She has just discovered the sins
which stain my soul, the monster’s shadow
beneath the pedestal where my hero statue is.
Even at my courageous best I only manage
to surf the waves of chaos; at my worst
I pursue the white whale relentlessly,
heaving peg after peg like futile harpoons,
transforming the distressed damsel
into a mermaid, drowning neath an ocean
of tears. So please, girl, hold my deep dark
monster tight, embrace him tightly,
the dream creature of my shadows,
like kissing a frog into a prince, release
the white knight on the white steed.
Nuzzle your nose against my neck
and make me retract my space alien claws.
Let the cat meow, tail twitching, watching
from the curtains as we make love.
Afterwards I will invite the frightened
little girl who’s hiding to engage
in pillow talk, dare to whisper your secret
dreams into my ears.