Man Dies After Long and Painful Battle With Life

by Apocohipster

A study of the odds


     In dying desert bizarre dawn since U.S. invasion of Iraq, acts of terrorism around the world have increased by one hundred percent won’t hurt a bit…a seismic shift destroys Dreams acoming. Nightmare terrorists ain’t a new or mysterious phenomenon in  “history” and can be readily studied; actions that have been taken to counter terrorism, successful and unsuccessful, can be examined and understood; terrorists in today’s Middle East ain’t unique, nor are their seeds of today’s terrorism not found in Muslim religion, but rather in extreme poverty of most citizens of Middle Eastern countries, a poverty that’s been among the most heartbreaking and ruinous in the world; the income of these peoples dropped tragically in the last ten years of extreme poverty any nation or region be fertile ground for terrorists just as our ghettos be fertile ground for gangs.

     Let’s all take this critical “time” in “history” to re-examine where we are at, and who we be, and what we REALLY need to do., Proven factors in rise of terrorism or guerrilla warfare or whatever label be always conducted by a group feeling oppressed and got significantly fewer resources than oppressor, given that paucity of resources, terrorism ain’t no last resort. It be their ONLY resort. Y’hip that in ‘Nam over a million Vietnamese died as compared to fifty thousand Americans…and yet the U.S. lost? They’d already lost everything and had nothing to lose, man, it was their home, and the U.S. was halfway around the world from theirs…motives and methods opaque…same terrorists in all parts of the world and in all “history”. Fascists’ TOOL: when bigots, profiteers get CONTROL they select a “Front Man” to rule. DICTATORSHIP STRESSED—A REPUBLICAN VICTORY’LL THREATEN U.S. LIBERTY …inspiration of E.S.T., scientology, Charlie Manson, shocking in content of what be happening the entire universe for those involved supremely consequential and important radical essential DARBY CRASH’s complete kingdom founding ideals of nation and political party equal dignity and equal rights of George W. Bush said piously “We must continue our advance…” DREAD and DREAMS …Hashshashin…epigraph: “being dead can no longer speak being born into part of she had no speech of her own all she could do was read texts which weren’t hers…” plagiaristic writing there’s a certain amount of distance ironically I am…at the end of this cycle of “time” powerful force in an enlightened manner Egyptians failed to embrace Ismailism highly evolve at once its special attraction and its major limitation once fearful reputation secure mere threat of being enough to deter most people formed an initiate hierarchy of seven circles…MAN DIES AFTER A LONG AND PAINFUL BATTLE WITH LIFE…there’s more going on than you can possibly grasp…in a chaotic life incendiary, savage…Night escape…spiritual hermeneutics to take something back to its source or deepest significance, practice this exegesis as veils a shell to get at kernel of meaning and break open completely exoteric and esoteric….