The Scarlet Silencers in Canyon De Chellig
by McArthur Gunter

    Here’s an authentic slice of life


     It was during the August Moon when the geese shed their feathers, when the horrified missionary’s eyes beheld the line of executioners before him. His stark naked body and bowstrung arms and legs were stretched out to their maximum physical limitations on a wooden cross which had been constructed for him. His pale face was wrinkled like a pair of overused blue jeans.

     The executioners tested the strength of their silver bowstrings and examined the garlic-dipped arrowheads as hot blasts of summer wind hugged their bodies.

     The missionary weakly cried out, “Who are you? For God’s sake, who are you? I have a right to know before I die.”

     They proudly answered him accordingly, “I am Glooscap!” “Raven the Giant!” “White Buffalo-Calf Woman!” “Stone Ribs!” “Sweet Medicine!” “Child of the Water!” “And I am U’ma-a!!!”

     The missionary silently prayed for the power of the Judeo-Christian God and then whimpered as the seven medicine arrows, like guided missiles, sailed toward him from the seven cultural heroes.