by Karl Watson



I walk the walls of time with you
At least that part of which we rule
That part between our births and deaths
When we be wise or be a fool.

Beyond the walls there is the past
Clearly those things we can discern
Standing out in noonday’s sun
Loved or loathed, it can’t return.

To the other side the future lies
The closest clothed in fog or mist
We can within imagine it
As lips we’ve known but never kissed.

Beyond the first few feet the clouds
At first are thick, then dark, and we
Will never know what lies beyond
An untrod land we’ll never see.

The future is for  those to come
The paths it takes we’ll never know
It is a land we cannot tread
Beyond our walls we cannot go.

Within our walls lies swamp or mounts
But  it is all of our domain.
We make it weeds or flowers bright
We make it joy or make it pain.

For in our walls is all we are
Beyond, no matter how we long—
Not past nor future can be ours
We have short time, let’s sing our song.